Velocity OEM DRIVER Shaft Combo


Quick - Easy - Ready to Play!!

Reshaft any Major OEM Brand Driver for your son or daughter!

All recent driver models: Callaway TaylorMade  Cobra  Titleist  Ping  PXG Bridgestone Nike

Based on your required Driver length & other inputs we will Select, Prep & Install one of  5+ Proprietary UST driver shaft models with the required adapter sleeve for your OEM clubhead. 

Listed clublength choices are the full finished clublength - as shown in the graphic below.

Your choice of 6 shaft colors. 

Your choice of VT MAX, Winn, Golf Pride or IOmic Elastomer junior grips.


Important Notes:

   Some of the clubhead models are listed as "no adapter sleeve" since these clubhead models do not utilize any adapter sleeve and so will require traditional clubhead extraction at your location. Most golf shops and major golf stores / golf centers offer this service.

   We only install RH - right handed - adapter sleeves, but these are structurally & functionally identical to LH - left handed - sleeves. The difference is the higher / lower loft settings will be opposite for a left handed player.

   What does "default loft setting installation" mean?
This is strictly an appearance related question and is relevant only to TaylorMade, Cobra, and Ping adapter sleeves - which require the entire shaft to be rotated in order to adjust the loft setting.
This question is asking: With the club at address position and shaft and grip logo facing upward, what would your preferred loft setting be?
In other words, which loft setting might you expect to use most?

   All recent model Cobra driver adapter sleeves work the same way, regardless of the nominal lofts that happen to be printed on the sleeve.The Cobra adapter sleeves we use may have different nominal loft values than the one you originally had, but the devices themselves are functionally and structurally identical. It's always the clubhead, and clubhead alone that ultimately determines the range of possible adjusted lofts. In other words, any adapter sleeve only changes the existing clubhead face & lie angle in a limited way that always is dependent upon the manufactured loft angle of the clubface. The same is true for all brands of adapter sleeves, but only Cobra prints loft values on the sleeves themselves.

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Junior Driver shafts


Junior Golf shafts

Progressive Lengths & Flexes

UST Mamiya premium graphite / carbon composite materials

Balanced Design

Proven Performance @ Major Junior World Championships

Codesigned and Engineered by UST Mamiya


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